I grew up catching bass and building forts in a small, central Illinois town. Countless hours spent on the water and in the woods provided me with sacred adventures and nurtured a sense of belonging. I’ve never felt more at home than when in the midst of these wild places.  As I’ve grown, so have my adventures.  But at the heart of the excitement lies my affinity towards nature. My art at its core is a reflection of this connection. Going beyond nature, however, I wonder if my art is a sort of striving for the sense of belonging I felt as a child.
The methods I use to create are diverse, and I have found many different outlets fulfilling. Drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, photography, music, design, and printmaking have all satisfied my need to be creative. 
The art I create today is related to my experiences and the things I’m most passionate about. The work itself is not an end result (as if to say I’ve figured ‘it’ out) but rather part of the process.  I hope you enjoy it.  
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